About UCG

Making the world more just and inclusive,
one organization at a time.

Who We Are

Upton Consulting Group is an experienced and innovative team of strategists who work with DEI professionals and organizations around the globe to design and implement proven strategies that create inclusive organizations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make the world a more just and inclusive place, one organization at a time.

Our Promise

To help DEI professionals and organizations work smarter and make a difference.

Core Values


We promise to give the best of our professional and lived experiences.


We will be real and transparent.


We will honor the truth and deliver on what we promise.

Modeling the Way

We will practice what we preach in DEI.


We will serve our clients with heart and mind.


We will support your mental health.


Dr. Sandra Upton (she/her/hers)

As Founder and Chief DEI Strategist with Upton Consulting Group (UCG), Dr. Upton brings 25+ years of DEI experience consulting, coaching and training with businesses, educational institutions, governmental agencies and non-profits to this work. Prior to launching UCG, Dr. Upton was Vice President, Global Diversity Practice with the Cultural Intelligence Center and was responsible for providing strategic leadership and expertise on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) matters for hundreds of clients across the globe. She led organization’s response to the growing demand from global and Fortune 500 companies to Ivy-League universities. She is also a subject matter expert in unconscious bias training.

She is a frequent speaker and consults with numerous businesses and institutions on how to effectively integrate DEI strategies into business and educational settings. As a well-known subject matter expert, she has written numerous blogs and has been featured in several articles and podcasts. She travels frequently and has consulted with organizations, educational institutions and schools and facilitated keynotes and trainings across the US and in numerous countries around the world. such as Brazil, China, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Israel, Singapore, South Africa and several countries throughout Europe.

She and her husband Robert are the proud parents of two adult children, Alexis and Devin.

Diversity Statement

We practice what we preach.

Our commitment to DEI goes well beyond telling DEI leaders and organizations what to do. We are committed to practicing what we preach by modeling the way.

The following are a few examples of our intentional actions:

  1. Our team will have diverse representation at every level of our organization.
  2. We commit to creating an inclusive work environment where every team member is treated equitably, feels a sense of belonging and thrives in the spaces they want to be included.
  3. Our Vendor and Supplier Diversity Program supports economic equity by ensuring that we have diverse partners and ensure that historically marginalized and underrepresented groups also benefit from these opportunities.
  4. We will produce an Annual DEI Transparency Report outlining our commitments and progress.

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