MAKE IT LAST: A Roadmap and Practical Strategies for How to Do DEI Work

Whether you are a chief diversity officer, a member of a DEI council, the leader of an employee resource group, a human resource professional, a middle manager, or a department head, but lack the support, skills, cultural intelligence, or confidence to lead and implement the real work, the map has been drawn. With Make It Last, you can turn feelings of failure and frustration into realities of progress and success.

Using her DEI Propel™ Framework, an evidence-based change management process, Sandra Upton uncovers the secrets to successfully implementing DEI initiatives and creating a lasting diverse and inclusive workplace culture where everyone thrives, regardless of their background. This step-by-step process includes a DEI roadmap, practical strategies, and effective tools that push your diversity, equity, and inclusion effort beyond lip service into an operational part of your organization’s DNA.

Book Launch

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DEI Propel Course